VR Microphone to preserve privacy

The Metaverse is uncharted land. A big bet for many. Because it opens up so many new opportunities, that lie in the virtual and the physical world. MuTalk is concerned about your voice in public. With goggles on, it’s impossible to note who’s around you. Anything expressed in such a setting can end a leak to bystanders.

To let you immerse into the Metaverse on, say, a train platform while you wait for your commute, MuTalk now allows you to do virtual meetings with your corporate colleagues without risking your privacy.

MuTalk Microphone

MuTalk is a bizarre-looking Bluetooth microphone that lets you chat privately in public thanks to its sound absorption material.

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The Metaverse is huge opportunity, that attracts lucky knights.

Source: Shiftall’s Voice Suppression Mic Coming Later This Year – VRScout