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  • The Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing

    A “Dream Job”, writes Reuters. The report has it the man actually charges for doing nothing, making it a real job. Shoji Morimoto has what some would see as a dream job: he gets paid to do pretty much nothing. From the article The service comes at ¥10.000, about 70€, per hour and gives the…

  • VR Microphone to preserve privacy

    The Metaverse is uncharted land. A big bet for many. Because it opens up so many new opportunities, that lie in the virtual and the physical world. MuTalk is concerned about your voice in public. With goggles on, it’s impossible to note who’s around you. Anything expressed in such a setting can end a leak…

  • 2020 is weird

    Five Months into the year of 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised about this kind of new neighbors, either. Indeed, 2020 is weird so far. Source: Channelate