The Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing

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A “Dream Job”, writes Reuters. The report has it the man actually charges for doing nothing, making it a real job.

Shoji Morimoto has what some would see as a dream job: he gets paid to do pretty much nothing.

From the article

The service comes at ¥10.000, about 70€, per hour and gives the client the company, or existence of Shoji. While at first glance this is a superfluid job, it wouldn’t fit any of David Graebers categories for bullshit jobs. Being booked for being around and do nothing wouldn’t be a „Flunkie“, a „Goons“, a „Duct Taper“, a „Box Tickers“ or a „Taskmasters“.

For many, a dream job has to come with purpose. Doing nothing may be different from having nothing to do. Being paid for what you want to do may indeed be a form of a dreamjob. For some.

Source: Dream job: the Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing | Reuters