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  • VR Microphone to preserve privacy

    The Metaverse is uncharted land. A big bet for many. Because it opens up so many new opportunities, that lie in the virtual and the physical world. MuTalk is concerned about your voice in public. With goggles on, it’s impossible to note who’s around you. Anything expressed in such a setting can end a leak […]

  • Apple hits Facebook

    Facebook complains how Apple’s approach to privacy in iOS will have a substantial impact to their revenue. Following their own statement the impact will be as high as $10 billion for the current year. Facebook’s business model is widely perceived as being based on violating privacy. Apple’s privacy feature disrupts the behind-the-scenes mechanics of many […]

  • cloud based CI/CD issues – travis-ci

    Travis-CI published a security bulletin the other day, describing a special condition that would allow to access secrets belonging to a foreign repository in Github or Bitbucket. The condition requires a fork from a public repository. That’s how open source work, and very central functionality. Not a corner case. Turns out, the cloud service did […]

  • LockBit Group published Proof for Accenture Hack

    darkfeed.io has published material the LockBit Group provided to proof their hack of the Accenture Network.At first glance, it looks huge and worrying. Social media response at this time appears to acknowledge the proof. More here: LockBit 2.0 Proof for Accenture Hack – DeepWeb intelligence Feed

  • AI Wrote Better Phishing Emails

    WIRED schreibt, dass es Forschern gelungen ist, mit Hilfe von GPT3, dem Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 ML Netzwerk, Phishing Mails zu erzeugen, die deutlich wirksamer sind als von Menschen geschriebene Mails. Endlich ein Einsatzbereich für AI, der sich auch ohne VC Geld lohnt. Source: AI Wrote Better Phishing Emails Than Humans in a Recent Test […]

  • Amazon schaltet NSO ab

    heise schreibt, dass Amazon NSOs, das ist der Hersteller der Pegasus Spyware, Infrastruktur abschaltet und deren Accounts löscht. Nun bin ich sicher kein Freund von so fraglicher Software und ganz sicher kein Unterstützer der dazugehörigen Hersteller. Allerdings ist an der Stelle auch ein anderes Problem deutlich: die Abhängigkeit unabhängiger Hersteller vom Wohlwollen von Cloud-Providern. Soweit […]

  • Clubhouse leakt 3,8 Milliarden Telefonnummern

    Clubhouse. Das war diese App, die vor einem halben oder ganzen Jahr so unglaublich gehyped worden ist. Man kam nicht rein, das war Invite Only. Man kam nicht von alleine rein, cool waren nur die, die drin waren. Alle in meiner Bubble hatten FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. Diesen menschlichen Effekt haben vor 15 Jahren […]

  • Privacy on the Net

    As advertised by Apple. The company introduced a feature called “App tracking transparency”, that defaults to “do not allow tracking” as of version 14.5, that was released earlier this year. The feature allows device-owners to control which apps can track user behaviour across multiple websites. Reality is more complex, as always, but it’s still a […]

  • Protect your images from abuse by KI

    From the “Daily Dystopia Department”: Protect your images from abuse by KI. Headlines that’d be absolutely unthinkable only a decade ago don’t seem to be shocking in the year of the pandemic, 2021.

  • The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you

    Signal, the company offering secure and private messaging, tried to advertise on Facebook. Naturally, the company tried to drive their value in privacy. They chose to point out the implications Facebook’s businesmodel has for these values. Apparently Facebook didn’t like the ads. Source: Signal >> Blog >> The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you