Consumer And Customer Experience Trends In 2022

According to Forbes’ Bernard Marr, here are 8 Trends that will dominate 2022.

Trends in Customer Experience

Consumer expectations are shifting all the time, and with the ever-faster digitization of our world, customers want and expect better and different things from companies. Here we look at the top 8 consumer trends for 2022.

Bernard Marr in Forbes

Customer expectations are indeed shifting all the time. Towards convenience, or towards price. Ideally, both come together, while maintaining a good margin. The article wraps these goals in predictions for the next year, that seem natural and are considerately straight forward to comprehend.

Trend 1: Sustainable, resilient operations

Covid-19 brought this topic to the attention of managers in charge, and pictures of the “Ever Given” blocking Suez Canal made literally everybody aware of the importance of resilience in operations and supply chains.

Trend 2: The balance between human workers and intelligent robots

Automation is taking jobs, constantly for the past hundred plus years and accelerating in the past two decades. A balance is in the interest of economy and society.

Trend 3: The shifting talent pool and changing employee experience

The competitive edge has been defined by talent and education for the past decade. The trend will continue.

Trend 4: Flatter, more agile organizations

It’s probably the best time in human history to become self employed. As part of a changing employee experience, less people will accept “leadership teams” and “background talks”

Trend 5: Authenticity

Has been a good advise ever since.

Trend 6: Purposeful business

Increasing business roles are disconnected from customers. Purpose gives back the feeling of doing something good. Companies will have to consider this need.

Trend 7: Co-opetition and integration

More and more companies will have overlapping portfolios. Cooppetition will add to the employee experience.

Trend 8: New forms of funding

Like, crowdsourcing?

Source: The 8 Biggest Consumer And Customer Experience Trends In 2022