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  • Consumer And Customer Experience Trends In 2022

    According to Forbes’ Bernard Marr, here are 8 Trends that will dominate 2022. Consumer expectations are shifting all the time, and with the ever-faster digitization of our world, customers want and expect better and different things from companies. Here we look at the top 8 consumer trends for 2022. Bernard Marr in Forbes

  • People looking at this product

    Have you ever wondered, how websites know how many people look at a particular product? Ophir Harpaz investigated:

  • Forever 21 Goes Bust, Adding 178 Stores to Retail Apocalypse – Bloomberg

    Forever 21 Inc. filed for bankruptcy, joining the growing list of fashion retailers felled by heavy competition, high rents and the defection of shoppers to online outlets. — Weiterlesen www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-30/forever-21-files-for-bankruptcy-adding-to-the-retail-apocalypse

  • Amazon drone program

    Amazon seems to become serious about their drone delivery program. At Re:Mars the company announced a hexacopter that shall start deliveries in a few months. Does this go into “Tech” or “Business”? And would a drone be able to deliver to your property? Source: A drone program taking flight

  • Fastly went public.

    Fastly went public.

    Already on Friday, Fastly, one of the more prominent representatives of the Website acceleration technology business, went public. Despite two days old, still worth mentioning. The San Francisco based company can be found under the label NASDAQ: FSLY. Measured by the initially offered price of 16$/share, the first day of trading close at $24.20 can…