#IEEESC2014 Opening Ceremony


just a few notes.iMEC About trends:





today’s healthcare system is lacking scalability and is inefficient, it’s reactive, we need a more proactive healthcare. the trend will be to go to personalized, proactive. IEEE can help in analysis and labs, improving results.

Nano-electronics will become disruptive.

Fitness gadgets. Wearable devices. Modern living results in chronic diseases. Devices become into health coaches. They are inaccurate, though. Devices need to become more accurate, become medical. Need to become more, better wearable.

Sensor nodes have been developed for years. Motion, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Bio-Potential, sweat, etc. with a battery and a transponder. Sending to smart phone.

Ultra-Low Power multi sensor platform results into medical quality data. and allow the smart phone to become the platform. Or the watch. Partnering with Samsung.

[Wearable video] Platform for wearable devices. Allows to record full ECG spectrum.

iLAB: multiple tests under 10USD

[Health Video] Vision of Heart and Blood tests, self conductible. For people with busy and stressful jobs. sensors for blood sample from the supermarket. Laboratory on a chip allow tests anytime, anywhere. To allow preventive and predictive healthcare. Also for children at home. Mobile/remote communication with a doctor.

Disease  Surveillance through distribution of such low-cost lab chips.

Towards personalized medication.

Single Cell analysis. cancer as major problem, addressing early identification. Nano illumination of individual cells for identification of potential tumor cells through reconstruction of 2d or even 3d images. Aim to integrate in few cm² systems. At millions cells per second.

Last example: Health=Genetics+Environment+Way of Living

Technology complexity: Future technology will increase complexity, engineers are required to master all these skills. Cost is increasing, risk of making wrong choices will be enormous.