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    Dystopia, aber als leuchtende Werbung.

  • Montag

    In this footage from abroad, a man on a scooter is knocked over by a large runaway tire, which rolls off into the distance. The man eventually recovers and picks up his bike, the the tire isn’t done with him. Source: Man knocked over by same runaway tire twice

  • Wiesn 2022

    Für Aussenstehende ist das alles wahrscheinlich nur schwer nachvollziehbar. Für München und Münchner ist die Wiesn nach 2 Jahre Corona-Pandemie bedingter Pause eine Erlösung. Das Oktoberfest fand zum allerersten Mal anlässlich der Hochzeit von Kronprinz Ludwig von Bayern und Prinzessin Therese am 12. Oktober 1810 statt. Das seit 1810 jährlich stattfindende Oktoberfest markiert traditionell das…

  • Meta Meetings

    We know Facebook has big plans for the Metaverse. The company even rebranded as Meta to underline it’s ambition. On Labstalk, we almost spent the entire season discussing benefits and goals of the technology, alongside with all the other tech topics in the same space, like Web3, NFTs and DOAs. Back to Meta (the company)…

  • Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

    Remember the great resignation? It’s a tradition!

  • This isn‘t scary

    This is entirely fine. It‘s a success story for Boston Dynamics. Probably. Most likely, there is nothing to see here. Move along.

  • #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    On Monday Apple opened this years World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC for short. The entire keynote felt encroaching to me, but I failed to grab the feeling while the show was on. Only after I got through notes it became clear to me how many business areas Apple is attacking on their own territory. “Buy…

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  • Aushangpflichtige Gesetze

    Wusste ich nicht. Bisher.

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