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    Therme Eins in Bad Füssing. Quick Review in Reddit. Worth the visit, if it was not for the long trip. We happened to be in the area…

  • Zoom reviewed

    Eine Ansicht, die viel zu wenig geäußert wird. Aber von den meisten von uns sicher nachvollzogen. Besonders Montags.

  • Constellation’s 2019 Enterprise Awards

    Constellation Research published and awarded their Enterprise Awards to companies in 2019. R “Ray” Wang mentioned in a brief tweet: By The Constellation Research Team Awards Showcase What Was Top Of Mind In Enterprise Technology At The End of The Decade This year the Constellation Research team attended over 270 events, engaged The awards come […]

  • The possibility to understand: SaaS Product Metrics

    Part of the compelling nature of SaaS Products is the possibility to understand the user and improve on the go. Any Product Manager will literally have to understand what are the use-cases for customers and how to focus on the important areas. Just recently our team led the debate which metrics would be the right […]

  • What People Hate About Being Managed by Algorithms

    Uber ran a study to figure out, how people feel about being managed by ‘the platform’. And to no surprise, Captain Obvious helped with the results. Drivers working for the company, feel like they are managed by a micromanager, watching every small step and worse, criticising every small mistake, leads to worse, sometimes toxic results. […]

  • Fastly files for IPO

    Crunchbase has a First Look At The Fastly IPO Filing — news.crunchbase.com/news/first-look-at-the-fastly-ipo-filing/

  • Risk assessment process

    Threat identification is the review of technical and technical events that may damage a system System characterization is the review of system and data criticality and sensitivity Control analysis is the review of current and planned countermeasures against security requirements checklists. Vulnerability identification is the review of system security procedures, design, implementation, or internal controls […]