Dilbert nailed it.

Boss: Wally, did you Uberize the slide deck?

Wally: I harmonized it in the cloud.

Boss: Are we ready for a trans-domain kick-off?

Wally: I put a disruptive mesh network in the microservices of the Internet of things.

Boss: Will that be good enough to “ask the fridge” or do I need to start disintermediating?

Wally: It depends on if we have enough bandwidth to growth-hack the analytics.

Boss: I just hope our clicks-and-mortar strategy staircases.

Dilbert: I’m almost certain that was nonsense.

Wally: Sometimes it’s about the journey.

You can’t have more cloud than this.

via: Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-12-20 | Dilbert by Scott Adams