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  • Google is shutting down Stadia

    Players will continue to have access to their games library until January 18th 2023, less than half a year from today, reports Engadget. The cloud gaming service was only launched 3 years ago, with many ambitions. Google started it’s efforts with an own game studio. However, the entire service fell back behind the attached expectations…

  • Google Workspace for shadow IT

    All of Google’s products have been designed to be easily accessible. That included Google Docs and the work app bundle that was GSuite. When G Suite became Google Workspace in 2020,as part of a mass reorganisation of the company’s apps for the “future of work”, the company also announced the end of a free edition.

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  • Cloudflare announces R2 Storage

    CloudFlare hat heute eine neue Storage Option vorgestellt. Der Service, abgekürzt R2, das alternativ für “Really Requestable”,  “Ridiculously Reliable” oder “Radically Reprogrammable” stehen soll, ist der Ankündigung zufolge vollständig mit S3 von Amazon API kompatibel. Der wichtigste Punkt der Ankündigung scheint aber die Kosten Abgrenzung zu anderen Cloud-Storgae Services zu sein. Gleich in der Ankündigung…

  • Styra Raises $40 Million in Series B

    The company behind Open Policy Agent, Styra, announced they raised $40 Million in funding today. The software, OPA for short, is capable of controlling access and managing authorization in complex environments. Among others, it comes with integration for Kubernetes environments, and allows to centrally control multiple aspects of access control. Styra has raised a $40…

  • Multiplayer Doom on Cloudflare Workers

    “Does it run Doom?” is the ultimate nerd test for technology. CloudFlare passed today running multiplayer Doom on their edge worker network: So, if a developer wants to run their next hit, say a real-time multiplayer game, using nothing but their app and Workers, without any servers or traditional infrastructure, can they? Let’s prove they…

  • New Splunk Observability Cloud

    Splunk announced beta availability of their new Observability Cloud at last years .conf20 already. The product became GA this week and offers Infrastructure Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, a Log Observer, Real User Monitoring (RUM), Synthetic Monitoring and On-Call for incident response and collaboration: Announcing the new Splunk Observability Cloud, bringing together the world’s best-in-class solutions…

  • 168 AWS Services in 2 Minutes

    Forrest Brazeal took a deep breath and sang 168 AWS Services. In two minutes. I’m not sure what’s more impressive. Mentioning all those in a song or the fact AWS offers so many (and more) distinct services.

  • Cloud down.

    Forbes, and many other, report that GMail had an outage. Now I hear vast parts, in particular the security and privacy fraction, of the social bubble start crying “the cloud ain’t a solution”. Self-Hosting has sure benefits over managed offerings. This attitude ignores the fact that managed hosting, and multi-tenant (cloud-) applications in particular have…

  • Google Cloud Platform Certified Professional Cloud Architect

    daily, 12.March 2020