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  • What if you shut your mouth?

    via mastodon.

  • Effective Teams

    Did that ever happen you or in your team? Did it feel awkward to you? Effective teams are diverse and exchange among each other. The source for their success is that all ideas are equal and the team generates an environment that allows individuals to speak up, fostering exchange among all participants

  • Twitter. Since the 140s.

    Dan Schkade has been around on Twitter. Since the 140s. He knows the game. Inside Out. And he shares his experience in this quick twitter detective cartoon.

  • Strapazin

    Gesehen bei einem Spaziergang in Sendling. Das Büro des “Strapazin”. “Strapazin ist eine in München gegründete und heute auch in Zürich sesshafte Comic–Zeitschrift. Das vierteljährlich erscheinende Magazin bietet vor allem unabhängigen ZeichnerInnen eine Plattform.” Wikipedia. daily, photo, 16.06.2020

  • Little Bobby enjoys moments like this.

    Little Bobby is a Sunday Morning Web Comic on Technology and Security.

  • The handover.

    Yes. Just like this. Every time.

  • 2020 is weird

    Five Months into the year of 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised about this kind of new neighbors, either. Indeed, 2020 is weird so far. Source: Channelate

  • Every Video Call Ever

    Since COVID-19 let’s us work from home, we all made our experiences with Videoconferences. The tools make it possible to work from home, yet some still have to get used to the new freedom. We all know the feeling in these conferences, with colleagues listening or not, playing with their pets, kids or Zoom Backgrounds.…

  • The Ancient Code

    It’s true. Never touch the ancient code. The elder know. Visit the post for more. Source: The Ancient Code – Light Roast Comics

  • Working in IT. Mostly.

    via: xkcd: Tools