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  • Does your organization rely on NPS?

    NPS is a popular method to measure how an organization or brand is perceived with customers and their satisfaction. The term is short for “Net Promoter Score”, indicating the key thought of the approach: to measure likeliness across the customer base the brand will be recommended further. It’s all boiling down to a single number.…

  • Tesla teardown of Tesla electronics

    Japanese researches looked into a recent Tesla Model 3. Their analysis has some interesting findings over traditional car manufacturing methods. In particular when it comes to electronics, “ECUs” how they’re called in the automotive world, “Electronical Control Units” A regular Toyota or European car relies on dozens or more of these to make the car…

  • Tesla announces electric Pick-Up

    Tesla announced an electric ‘Cybertruck‘, at a low price, that has a long range. Meanwhile, the 2017 announced Semi Truck, starts production with ‘limited volumes‘.

  • Tesla explodes in Russia

    Monday morning. Apparently a Tesla exploded on a Russian highway after a crash. A Tesla vehicle involved in a collision burst into flames and exploded on a highway near Moscow last night, local media reported. The occupants were slightly injured, but the car is toast. Source: Tesla explodes after crash on Russian highway – TechCrunch