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  • How big is the cloud?

    It sound’s odd and definitely wrong. At 43.000 participants in 2018 at a registration fee of $1.799, that’d be $77.357.000 of revenue, which is hard to believe Oracle and IBM together cannot top. Still, it’s s still a totally fascinating thought about size of cloud and how dominant AWS is in that business.

  • AWS hit by major DDoS attack

    DDoS is an annoyance not even the biggest Cloud is safe from. Apparently AWS’s Route 53 was affected and failed to resolve multiple DNS names over several hours. Parts of AWS were taken offline for hours Source: TechRadar. The newspage also has a reference of 2019’s best DDoS Protection.

  • What We Can Learn from the Capital One Hack

    Earlier this week, it became public that Capital One was victim to a privacy leak, affecting more than 100 million of their customers. News revealed details about the source of the attack, that apparently an individual conducted and bragged about it publicly. Now, a few days later and more facts known, the always excellent Krebs…

  • Culture and Organizational Change

    Culture and Organizational Change

    Just a small observation I made during AWS Transformation Day. While the entire theme for the event was on transforming business, the schedule had one track for “Culture and Organizational Change” alone. While Culture and Organizational Change is a broad and huge topic, but it is necessary and makes the difference for agility in rapidly…

  • Instagram had private contact data scraped

    Another week, another Facebook leak. This time an Instagram dataset with apparently scraped profile information was found online. A massive database containing contact information of millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities and brand accounts has been found online. The database, hosted by Amazon Web Services, was left exposed and without a password allowing anyone to look…

  • Going all-in on AWS is a recipe for success

    Gousto believes going all-in on AWS is a recipe for success, diginomica writes, and it’s undeniable there is no way around public cloud for digital services & offerings. It’s a pretty steep thesis to build a strategy relying on one particular hyper-scaler to make a business a success. In the end, customers purchase experience and…

  • SAP and AWS announce IoT interoperability

    Meanwhile, after Microsoft announced their cooperation with SAP in IoT with Leonardo, AWS also announced tighter integration with SAPs business processes. via aws.amazon.com/blogs

  • AWS opens up its managed blockchain as a service to everybody | TechCrunch

    So, there is a Blockchain service on the cloud. As such this is no news, the news is it’s AWS that gives you this offering. If you are planning to leverage this option because you need Blockchain in your organization, you definitely need help understanding the technology. It’s not AWS to blame to take your…

  • Introducing Amazon Corretto, a No-Cost Distribution of OpenJDK with Long-Term Support

    Introducing Amazon Corretto, a No-Cost Distribution of OpenJDK with Long-Term Support | AWS Open Source Blog — Weiterlesen aws.amazon.com/de/blogs/opensource/amazon-corretto-no-cost-distribution-openjdk-long-term-support/

  • `Keep Talkin’ Larry’: Amazon Is Close to Tossing Oracle Software – Bloomberg

    It’s a huge effort considering the scale of the project and the relevance of customer data for Amazon. Given their cloud business and it’s maturity – AWS is more than 10 years old by now and leading the pack – this move seems overdue. Amazon.com Inc. has taken another step toward eliminating software from Oracle…