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  • OpenAI is now certified

    OpenAI is now certified

    Ein ganz klein bisschen Spaß zum Wochenende. Die meisten aktiven Internet Teilnehmer haben den Hype um ChatGPT in der vergangenen Woche sicher nicht verpasst. Die künstliche Intelligenz ist in der Lage, Gespräche zu führen und einfache Fragen zu beantworten. Der Chatbot hat große Begeisterung ausgelöst, weil die Qualität der Konversationen weit über den bisher bekannten […]

  • Predictions for 2022

    Predictions for 2022

    Werner Vogels, AWS CTO’s Tech Predictions for 2022 It’s this time of the year that brings us all predictions for the next year. Over on another channel I had some already, but let me collect more here. Predictions for 2022 First here is an article from Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon Web Services (AWS): 2022 […]

  • Amazon schaltet NSO ab

    heise schreibt, dass Amazon NSOs, das ist der Hersteller der Pegasus Spyware, Infrastruktur abschaltet und deren Accounts löscht. Nun bin ich sicher kein Freund von so fraglicher Software und ganz sicher kein Unterstützer der dazugehörigen Hersteller. Allerdings ist an der Stelle auch ein anderes Problem deutlich: die Abhängigkeit unabhängiger Hersteller vom Wohlwollen von Cloud-Providern. Soweit […]

  • AWS announces CloudFront Functions

    AWS announced general availability of “CloudFront Functions“. The product allows deploying lightweight functions on the edge of CloudFront’s CDN deployment, bringing logic close to the end user. After CloudFlare initiated a trend with their Workers, AWS is the third major cloud player to enter the space with this offering. The purpose of such an architecture […]

  • Tableau CEO Selipsky to lead AWS

    Selipsky has had major leadership roles in AWS for over 11 years before departing to Tableau as a CEO. At Tableau, Selipsky led the company through the acquisition by Salesforce in 2019, one of the largest acquisitions in history of enterprise software. Amazon has hired former executive Adam Selipsky, CEO of Tableau, as CEO of […]

  • 168 AWS Services in 2 Minutes

    Forrest Brazeal took a deep breath and sang 168 AWS Services. In two minutes. I’m not sure what’s more impressive. Mentioning all those in a song or the fact AWS offers so many (and more) distinct services.

  • Slack partners with Amazon

    The market for collaboration tool has been sparked by Slack a few years ago. It has been subject to heavy fights since. Microsoft Teams not only entered the market but overtook the early mover quickly. The fight escalated perceivably when Slack accused Microsoft of ripping off its ads in late 2019. AWS and Slack recently […]

  • CloudFront and Lambda at the Edge

    AWS OfficeHours with Woodrow Arrington and David Brown, both Senior Product Managers on the AWS CloudFront Team. They discuss the benefits of CDN technology and use-cases of Lambda@Edge. The video touches security related considerations.

  • Amazon CloudFront Edge Locations

    Amazon CloudFront Edge Locations: AWS’ Amazon CloudFront launches 5 new CloudFront Edge Locations. These are located in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Kenya, and Romania. AWS CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network and helps webpages to distribute their content globally. To achieve this, CDN’s leverage managed reverse proxy servers. The goal is to bring content closer to […]

  • 2020: The year of ARM?

    Rumors, that Apple would switch to ARM for their computers have been floating around for a while. MacWorld just recently reaffirmed these with Annual ARM predictions. Another important product that was announced at this years Re:Invent, AWS has ARM servers in their cloud portfolio. The Graviton2 is a custom-built 64bit processor available for EC2 workloads. A […]