Tag: Analysis

  • Meta Meetings

    We know Facebook has big plans for the Metaverse. The company even rebranded as Meta to underline it’s ambition. On Labstalk, we almost spent the entire season discussing benefits and goals of the technology, alongside with all the other tech topics in the same space, like Web3, NFTs and DOAs. Back to Meta (the company)…

  • Post Mortem

    Remember when the Cloud was off earlier this month? Google published a post mortem article and root cause analysis on their Cloud Status Blog.

  • Klimaanalyse: „Oktoberfest“

    Was für die Münchner unter den Lesern. Oktoberfest ‘produces 10 times as much methane as Boston’ Via The Guardian.

  • Github acquires Semmle

    Github acquired Semmle, a service to scan code for vulnerabilities with a semantic code analysis engine. According to The Next Web, no financial details have been disclosed. Github Blog”Welcoming Semmle to Github“ The acquisition happened only one day after Github became a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)

  • Competitive Analysis and Strategy To Win

    A product’s success is not only defined by its features. Whether it can win in the market to a large extent is owed to the environment it is offered. Customer requirements, competitive offering, market climate, environmental conditions, total cost of ownership (TCO) can have an impact on the products success. A competitive overview is essential…

  • F-Bomb Analysis

    Das Gewalt in amerikanischen Filmen leichter Jugendfreigabe bekommt als Sprache ist ja ein gerne gepflegtes Bonmot. Dass die Regeln dafür teilweise sehr genau definieren, was zum Ausschluß aus bestimmten Kategorien führt, wusste ich bis heute nicht. In diesen Kategorien wurde – der Wikipedia zufolge – PG-13 1984 als eine Konsequenz einer Debatte um Indiana Jones…

  • Blockchain and bitcoin are over.

    Quick noted: The tech world predicted if for a while, Axios proves the hype is over with numbers. Corporate America’s blockchain and bitcoin fever is over Source: Corporate America’s blockchain and bitcoin fever is over – Axios

  • Python for Data Analysis

    Für alle Daten, die für Excel zu groß und für Hadoop zu klein sind. Oder um Analysen zu automatisieren, natürlich.

  • Items to consider work potentially lost

    How quickly work in progress will need to be restored to workstations at an alternative site The amout of work that can tolerably be lost without harming the organization

  • Risk assessment process

    Threat identification is the review of technical and technical events that may damage a system System characterization is the review of system and data criticality and sensitivity Control analysis is the review of current and planned countermeasures against security requirements checklists. Vulnerability identification is the review of system security procedures, design, implementation, or internal controls…