A little over 50 Euros are acceptable

The 9-Euro Ticket was considered experimental in first place. And still deemed to become a huge success in Germany. At the price-point, the ticket was unbeatable and created lots of debates about the future of mobility in the country. First research showed accessible public transport can lay grounds for a modal shift in the population. After many controversies, even the liberal forces in the government acknowledged the need for affordable transportation.

The Technical University of Munich now conducted a survey. Results conclude that just about 50 Euro would be affordable / acceptable for the majority of possible audience.

iStockphoto.com / andreaskrappweis
iStockphoto.com / andreaskrappweis

The experimental “9 Euro Ticket” general transit pass has run its course and the calls for a successor pass are growing. A study conducted by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) accompanied more than 2000 people during the 9 Euro Ticket trial period, interviewing them on a regular basis. In addition to questions on mobility behavior, information on the price which the participants were willing to pay for a follow-up pass also played an important role.

Technical University of Munich (TUM) conducted a mobility study.

Being from the Metropolregion myself, this comes not at a surprise. The city ticket here alone comes in at about 70€ a month, and to reach TUM alone, the monthly ticket will set you back by roughly 100€. At 50€, the ticket therefore still will be a bargain for anybody. Whether it creates the same effects the 9€ ticket created is questionable. For those that have a car, it’s likely still to complex.

After all, the debate continues and how mobility needs more diversified products. At the same time, simplification to many is the key to solve the problem.

Source: A little over 50 euros acceptable for 9 Euro Ticket successor – TUM