IoT Week 35/16

A few links I came across this week I believe are relevant for the Internet of Things. This is neither complete nor conclusive, but maybe helpful for somebody else.

IFA 2016 opened

The “Internationale Funk-Ausstellung” 2016 opened it’s doors in Berlin, for the 53rd time since 1923, making it one of the oldest trade fairs for consumer technology.

Thread and EEBus announce cooperation

EEBus, a European lead initiative for interoperability in the Internet of Things, announced a liaison agreement with the Thread Group.

Wired Germany has an commentary.

GE is turning into a 124-year-old-startup, reports the NY Times.

Claiming to behave like a startup in specific areas is a common theme in enterprises, and so did GE adopt the phrase to claim innovation, too. The NYtimes has an article.

Security Issues in the Loxone Smart Home Product, a german IT news site, reports Loxone, an Austrian vendor, works with default passwords in it’s Home Automation products.