Planning for 2016

David Cummings has a few words on startup planning for 2016. Not only for startups, but also for established mid- and large companies planning ahead is an important activity, in particular planning the next year at the end of past year.

My primary customer has been a company that builds and markets tools for “Business Intelligence”. These tools basically collect data from all kind of sources, process them and generate metrics and calculate trends.

However, it is up to the department to interpret these metrics and make a decision on what shall be done. The business intelligence will help to make a more profound decision, but the strategy has to be crafted manually.

A strategy shall also be the scale against which metrics are measured. And each year or quarter is a good moment to review metrics and strategy, in order to assessing the validity of a strategy. Think of it as a feedback loop.

via: David Cummings: Planning for 2016