Categories of Computer Crimes

Breach of data security: Information stored on network or computers is altered by attackers.
Breach of operations security: Attackers take advantage of vulnerabilities within daily procedures to access or alter information through methods like password sniffing.
Breach of personnel security: Sensitive company information is gained from an employee by attackers
Breach of communication security: Information is being intercepted or altered on the way across a network.
Breach of physical security: Attackers gain access to a building or to computer/networking hardware.
Computer as an instrument. Attackers use computers to steal or commit fraud.
Crimes associated with the prevalence of computers. Attackers illegally use or sell computer components, software and information.
Computer as the target. Attackers disrupt or damage computers and networks, or steal data stored on computers.
Computer as incidental to other crimes. Attackers may use computers to facilitate crime or to make crime difficult to detect.