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  • Teaching Rats To Drive Tiny Cars

    Teaching Rats To Drive Tiny Cars

    Rats can relax better while driving tiny cars, Scientists Discover. It’d make a good tag line for a few car manufacturers. A bunch of rats have learned how to drive tiny vehicles around to pick up food.  Source: Hacker News.

  • Math.Round opens printing dialog.

    The official bug of the day makes https://try.dot.net open a printing dialog, just by using Math.Round. Here’s the github issue: https://github.com/dotnet/try/issues/290 Responses on Twitter are totally appropriate.

  • Windows gets Linux kernel and terminal

    Windows gets Linux kernel and terminal

    So, with this announcement you’ll not be able to purchase a regular PC that doesn’t have some *nix on it. Somehow, it’s finally the year of Linux on the Desktop. That cold air you feel, that’s hell freezing over. Source: Windows 10 gets a legit Linux kernel and a souped-up terminal app

  • Cyber Tea

    Just not my cup of tea.

  • DIY Killer Drone

    Chainsaw Copter: Only in Finland.

  • Net neutrality helps terrorists.

    At least that’s what lobbyists managed to convince politicians of, has The Verge.

  • The worst hacker stock photo.

    Balaclavas are standard in encryption these days, even hackers innovate. And so here is the new trend among the black hat elite, for the ultimate privacy protection, pictured for the viewers pleasure. Major global news sites already ordered this stock photo. https://twitter.com/kludgebox/status/562746574460452864

  • C/C++ to Javascript Compiler

    EMscripten übersetzt C/C++ nach Javascript. developer.mozilla.org haben seit gestern Doom(!) als Beispiel im Angebot. Auch Golem und Slashdot berichteten. Quellcode unter der GPL verfügbar.

  • Linux in Javascript

    Heute in slashdot.org gefunden: Ein PC Emulator in Javascript, der auch Linux bootet. Einige technische Hintergründe erläutert der Autor, Fabrice Bellard, der auch QEMU entwickelt, auf einer weiteren Seite mit technical Notes.