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  • W3C Sustainability Guidelines

    W3C Sustainability Guidelines

    Mit Datum vom 11. April ist das alles noch recht neu. Aber ein weiteres Zeichen dafür, dass Green- bzw. Sustainable Computing an Aufmerksamkeit gewinnt. Jedenfalls hat die W3C Community Group einen Draft Report entwickelt, der eine Guideline für Web Development bieten soll. Gegenüber dem Artikel aus dem W3C Blog, den ich neulich verlinkt habe, bespricht…

  • Django Model-Owner

    The option to make a model owned by a user is actually documented for the Django Admin app. However, for reference, here are the steps: First, the model you want to have an owner needs to reference “User” as a foreign key: (in models.py) class Website(models.Model): submitted_by = models.ForeignKey(User, on_delete=models.CASCADE) url = models.URLField() Provided you…

  • The possibility to understand: SaaS Product Metrics

    Part of the compelling nature of SaaS Products is the possibility to understand the user and improve on the go. Any Product Manager will literally have to understand what are the use-cases for customers and how to focus on the important areas. Just recently our team led the debate which metrics would be the right…

  • Mozilla unveils YouTube recommendation horror stories

    Somehow, a fun read. Still problematic, and somewhat scary, at the scale YouTube relies on recommendations. Mozilla gathered 28 user-submitted stories, detailing incidents where YouTube’s recommendation served videos featuring racism, conspiracies, and violence. Source: Mozilla unveils 28 horror stories about YouTube’s recommendation algorithm

  • Fastly went public.

    Fastly went public.

    Already on Friday, Fastly, one of the more prominent representatives of the Website acceleration technology business, went public. Despite two days old, still worth mentioning. The San Francisco based company can be found under the label NASDAQ: FSLY. Measured by the initially offered price of 16$/share, the first day of trading close at $24.20 can…

  • HTTP/3 

    HTTP over QUIC will be called HTTP/3, following a suggestion by Mark Nottingham. Source: HTTP/3 | daniel.haxx.se

  • A quick introduction to web security

    CORS, CSP, HSTS, and all the web security acronyms!link.medium.com/jMrLJYrzBR

  • BOX-256

    Box-256 is a browser game where you need to solve small tasks, e.g. let a program draw a square, in your browser. Through writing assebly. Since I wrote quite a bit assembly throughout my career, I thought this is interesting. Still, I failed at level one. Mostly because of impatience. Source: BOX-256 – Tiny game about writing assembly to…

  • Visual Studio now open source

    Microsoft announced it will be open sourcing Visual Studio Code at it’s connect(); developer conference. Code is available over at github. Alongside, MSFT released a preview extension that will allow debugging Linux applications using GDB, too. Microsoft doubles down on cross-platform software development. A huge move forward. Quelle: Ars Technica

  • django-braces

    Nachdem die view-decorators seit der Einführung von Class Based Generic Views nicht mehr funktionieren ist ein Ersatz oft gebraucht. brack3t/django-braces fasst die gängigen Funktionen, wie beispielsweise LoginRequired oder PermissionRequired, sinnvoll zusammen.