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  • Labs Talk

    Selfie Time before going live with SAP Labs Talk, talking about 2022 trends, mobility, sustainability, the future of work in the metaverse and its impact on commerce, collaboration and customer relations. And supply chains for customer experience. Plenty of topics, that we discuss with the head of strategy.

  • Amazon Buys MGM Studios

    Apple will regret they didn’t snap up MGM. Today Amazon buys MGM Studios for US$9 billion. There are only few other content outlets of this quality, and prices for all others will go up. It’s official folks— Jeff Bezos now owns James Bond . After murmurs earlier this week, Amazon announced today that it had…

  • Building a SaaS

    Building a product is always for a customer. Developing with this fact in mind helps developers turn their love for technology into more relevant results. Jake Levirne explains the approach for very technical products at Digital Ocean in a small series of videos. Digital Ocean Blog.

  • Die Zerstörung des Vertrauens in die Presse

    Rezo sieht sich die Vertrauenswürdigkeit der Presse an. Der Youtuber hat bereits vergangenes Jahr durch sein Video “Die Zerstörung der CDU” auf sich aufmerksam gemacht hat. Die Zerstörung des Vertrauens in die Presse heisst das neueste Werk. Es sollte das einzige Video sein, das ihr heute anschaut, wenn ihr bei dem schönen Wetter nicht lieber…

  • NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space

    Making History: NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space! And of course there is a live stream. Actual launch is planned for 4.33pm EST, that is 22.33 CET.

  • Every Video Call Ever

    Since COVID-19 let’s us work from home, we all made our experiences with Videoconferences. The tools make it possible to work from home, yet some still have to get used to the new freedom. We all know the feeling in these conferences, with colleagues listening or not, playing with their pets, kids or Zoom Backgrounds.…

  • Product Owner vs. Product Manager

    Product Owner vs. Product Manager: Product Management is a challenging role and requires diverse skills. Large organisation often introduce a split between two similar, close roles – Product Ownership and Product Management. Both requires a large set of skills. Jordan Bergtraum, The Product Mentor, a mentor at The Product Guy, leads a conversation on this…

  • Netflix (Security) on Youtube

    Netflix (Security) on Youtube: Netflix Security runs a YouTube Channel! As opposed to the company channel, it does not only broadcast previews! This is a great subscription for security practiconers! Via Stephanie Olsen (on LinkedIn).

  • Animation: Visualizing Moore’s Law in Action (1971-2019)

    Moore’s Law in Action: You’ll probably remember the prediction back from your days in University. In essence, Mr. Moore, founder of Fairchild Semi and CEO of Intel, predicted the density of transistors in modern integrated systems will double about every 18 months. He was right for a long time, while many predicted the end of…

  • Meute in Paris

    Strikt betrachtet ist Meute ja auch blos eine Coverband, aber die Techno Marching Band tourt damit ja nicht durchs Land, sondern schafft es, zu Recht, größere Hallen zu füllen. Für heute liefert Meute den Soundtrack des Abends. via FernsehErsatz