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  • Federated Communication

    Federated Communication

    Bei LinkedIn habe ich mir noch im abgelaufenen Jahr Gedanken zum Thema Federated Communication gemacht. Hintergrund des Post ist die Tatsache, dass Twitter gerade Nutzer an Mastodon verliert und das sogenannte Fediverse damit zunehmendes Aufmerksamkeit bekommt. Was meiner Ansicht nach eine Mode ist, wenn auch eine Notwendige. LinkedIn Post Unpopular Opinion: the #fediverse will not…

  • usermanagement with django allauth.

    usermanagement with django allauth: It is common for bots to register with a website. Often enough there are users instances in the user base that have registered at some point but did not verify their email-address. Fortunately enough, for users of django and the excellent django-allauth, there are easy ways to manage these users. First,…

  • Data-driven Product Management

    In the age of Big Data, product management can leverage plenty of feedback. Any product decision can be based on data, too. Product Coalition has an article. Setting up User Analytics.