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  • Social Media Suchtmechanismen

    Dass Likes und Shares und Herzchen eine Belohnung für das Unterbewusst darstellen hat man mittlerweile schon häufiger gehört. Man kann sogar lernen, wie man Produkte designen kann, um solches Verhalten zu triggern. Im Ergebnis davon steigern Produkt-Owner die Metrik “Customer Engagement” um den Preis, dass Jugendliche wie Abhängige vor Ihren Mobiltelefonen hängen um mehr Herzchen…

  • Uber: Privacy Issues

    A few days old already, Richard Gutjahr reported Uber has a privacy issue. Apparently, the now 404ed Lost and Found page listed not only lost items, but also usernames and contact details. via Richard Gutjahr.

  • Disruptive.

    Disruptive Innovation, as a concept, is overused in business literature to an unbearable level, and almost permanently misused by startups and self proclaimed thought leaders, describing their own new app or promoting their own blog. And no, Uber is not disruptive, either. No app monetizing on people sharing things is. Internet to allow this, is.

  • Stallman: Reasons not to use Uber

    Uber has been debated emotionally in multiple geographies, with broad media coverage. Lot’s of people made up their opinion, here are Richard M. Stallman’s Reasons not to use Uber. I found the fact(?) that Uber is capable of tracking one night stands most intriguing.