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  • San Francisco – Day Four

    San Francisco – Day Four

    Did the tourist thing.

  • San Francisco – Day Three

    Still jet lagged. Woke up at 4, talked to Germany at 5, did some work at 6, left the Hotel at 7, saw a man in a panda costume before 8.

  • San Francisco – Day Two

    More impressions from San Francisco. Day Two. All from the car, between appointments and meetings, with my iPhone.

  • San Francisco – Day One

    After successful meetings in South San Francisco we found a bit of time at the piers and Fisherman’s Wharf.  

  • Arrived SFO

    Yesterday, actually. Haven’t been to San Francisco or Palo Alto yet, but jet lag hasn’t allowed us to go anywhere other than the hotel. Which happens to be in San Bruno, south of San Francisco, outside the SFO airport. First meetings are going to happen this afternoon, leaving some room for getting over the jet…

  • Gate changed.


  • Travel a lot?

    Travel a lot?

    Don’t worry, you are not alone. German airports counted 207.934.803 travelers, in 2014. Out of all included airports in that report, the top 3 busiest airports, Frankfurt (FRA), Munich (MUC) and Düsseldorf (DUS),  are responsible for more than half of all travelers, in total. (121.117.136 Travelers). And the numbers won’t include transit. Now consider the…

  • Good Morning Paris!


  • Take Off.

    As seen from the passenger seat.

  • Passenger on Earth

    Passenger on Earth is a travel- and photo-blog for positive people having fun in foreign cultures. It tries to inspire people, share the spirit of adventure and amazing landscapes, carries you to the most beautiful places all over the planet, it supports your travel plans with stories, ideas and thoughts, to allow you to enjoy…