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  • NetBSD verbietet Code aus AI

    Code generated by a large language model or similar technology, such as GitHub/Microsoft’s Copilot, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, or Facebook/Meta’s Code Llama, is presumed to be tainted code, and must not be committed without prior written approval by core. Source: NetBSD Commit Guidelines Nach Gentoo hat NetBSD AI generierten Code verboten. Jedenfalls braucht es Core approval, sollte…

  • This week in dystopia.

    This week in dystopia: The New York Times has an article about the next steps in dystopian future. A start-up evolving face recognition algorithms, fed by a database with facial images, scraped from the open web. A little-known start-up helps law enforcement match photos of unknown people to their online images — and “might lead…

  • A new decade

    A new decade

    31. December 2019 marks the end of a decade. Time to reflect upon the past years but also to look forward and think about exciting developments.

  • Former Munich Mayor Explains How Microsoft Hates Linux

    Christian Ude speaks in a new interview about what Microsoft did in Munich and elsewhere in Europe in order to undermine GNU/Linux and impose Microsoft Windows on everybody, together with all the spyware Microsoft provides for it (likely violation of privacy laws) Techrights.org Source: Former Mayor of Munich Explains How Microsoft Hates Linux | Techrights

  • Wunderlist

    In 2015, it was big news to the Startup and VC scene, when Microsoft announced it would acquire Wunderlist. Back then, 6Wunderkinder was one of the most promising StartUps in the German Capital. The social media bubble immediately started debating the future of the product and whether Microsoft would spoil it or even shut it…

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  • Blockchain and bitcoin are over.

    Quick noted: The tech world predicted if for a while, Axios proves the hype is over with numbers. Corporate America’s blockchain and bitcoin fever is over Source: Corporate America’s blockchain and bitcoin fever is over – Axios

  • Machine Learning Confronts the Elephant in the Room 

    Machine Learning helps identifying the elephant in the room. Literally. A visual prank exposes an Achilles’ heel of computer vision systems: Unlike humans, they can’t do a double take. Source: Machine Learning Confronts the Elephant in the Room | Quanta Magazine

  • How the Internet really works

    I tiny intro to the most important technology in the worlds history.

  • on technology

    This a bit old already, but came to my attention only today. Every Product Manager, Designer and Front End Engineer should read and repeat this every day. Every corporate marketing guy should print and frame this and have it hanging somewhere in sight from his desk. The older I get, the more I realize the…