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  • A punch in the face

    Sombody needs that right into their face. Sometime repeatedly. threat actor = someone who wants to punch you in the face threat = the punch being thrown vulnerability = your inability to defend against the punch risk = the likelihood of getting punched in the faceacceptable risk = your willingness to be punched in the…

  • Risk Response Types

    Risk avoidance: shutdown of servers when there is suspicion of virus infection Risk transfer: hardware insurance to theft, loss and fire damage Risk acceptance: let employees receive private emails in company accounts Risk mitigation: implement multi-factor authentication to protect trade-secrets

  • Types of Risk Assessment

    Qualitative The financial officer’s estimate that password scanning attacks are highly probable. The IT manager’s opinion on what impact a flood would have on the server room. Quantitative The cost to the company for being offline for one day / it’s servers being offline for one day. The expected, total number of DDoS attacks per…

  • Importance of Risk Management

    Risk Management is important, because it: enables identification and protection of all critical assets helps ensure legal compliance

  • Why Economic Models Are Always Wrong

    Scientific American: Why Economic Models Are Always Wrong. Financial-risk models got us in trouble before the 2008 crash, and they’re almost sure to get us in trouble again