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  • Access Control Types

    Directive Deterrent Preventive Compensating Detective Corrective Recovery

  • Technology Recovery Strategies

    Dual data centers: Two fully functional sites that both support an organization’s functions. Cold sites: Empty spaces containing no technical equipment or resources. Hot sites: Sites fully configured with equipment that actually mirror production sites. Warm sites: Sites containing cabling and networks, but no computers.

  • Recovery Strategy Considerations

    The setup, maintenance, and execution of the recovery strategy must cost no more than the value of protecting the relevant technological asset or business process. Ensure that the financial benefit of the chosen strategy equals or outweighs the total cost of the strategy.

  • Considerations for the planning phase: Business Continuity

    National and industry-specific laws and general business standards must be taken into account. The staffing, funding, and other resources required to develop the plan must be identified. The results of a risk assessment must inform the planning.