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  • Python 3.10.0 is available

    Source: Python Insider: Python 3.10.0 is available

  • Malicious PyPI Packages

    It was a matter of time. After the npm-repository was hit later last year and ruby gems were found mining crypto-currency, this times it’s PyPI that spreads bad code. Supply chain attacks, as this vector is typically referred to, becomes an increasing problem. Foremost for software vendors. The rich supply of community maintained packages make…

  • Python 3.10 in Beta

    New Features include: Parenthesized context managers Better error messages New IndentationErrors and NameErrors Exception The implementation of PEP626 and PEP634: Precise line numbers for debugging and other tools Structural Pattern Matching (“Match/Case” Statement) Improvements for Type Hints The full changelog.

  • Pyston is back

    Pyston, the Python Runtime with Just-In-Time (JiT) compiler, appears to be back. After the project lost support from Dropbox, development seemed to have ceased. A new team just released version 2, that is compatible with Python 3.8. It promises 20% performance gain over cPython, the default implementation. Here is the announcement: The Pyston Blog

  • usermanagement with django allauth.

    usermanagement with django allauth: It is common for bots to register with a website. Often enough there are users instances in the user base that have registered at some point but did not verify their email-address. Fortunately enough, for users of django and the excellent django-allauth, there are easy ways to manage these users. First,…

  • The Mind at Work: Guido van Rossum on how Python makes thinking in code easier

    Python, the programming language, gained lot’s of popularity only in the past decade. In particular for big data applications, machine learning and data science the language is almost without alternative. But also for tool development or web applications backends, Python has huge adoption. Reasons are it’s huge ecosystem and a friendly, constructive community. Despite it’s…

  • The Road to Python3

    When Python3 came out in 2009, it was already heavily debated. Python3 would be incompatible with previous versions of the popular language, but fix many drawbacks. While the vision was clear and the community initially planned to move forward much quicker. The demand for having a 2.x branch was so huge, however, that the community…

  • Python 3.8.0 is now available

    Here is what’s new. Source: Python Insider: Python 3.8.0 is now available

  • Async / Await with Python

    Asynchronous programming with Python, explained. On Realpython, to read. Once again, here on LivePython. Sometimes it’s better to listen.