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  • The Mind at Work: Guido van Rossum on how Python makes thinking in code easier

    Python, the programming language, gained lot’s of popularity only in the past decade. In particular for big data applications, machine learning and data science the language is almost without alternative. But also for tool development or web applications backends, Python has huge adoption. Reasons are it’s huge ecosystem and a friendly, constructive community. Despite it’s…

  • Async / Await with Python

    Asynchronous programming with Python, explained. On Realpython, to read. Once again, here on LivePython. Sometimes it’s better to listen.

  • Go best practices

    Peter Bourgon has some experience with go, and he shares this on his website. Go is a language developed at Google 2007 and released to the public in 2009. In first place, this is fairly unrelated, but we’re¬†currently evaluating go as a language for an IoT project, which makes it fit the topic of this…

  • Haskell and the Future of Coding

    Haskell is a 25-year-old programming language that isn’t all that popular. But Facebook uses it, and that’s a sign of things to come. Wow. Not for a single day in the past 18 years did I even remotely think Haskell had a future. Even more with fancy hipster languages like, Ruby (not so much anymore),…

  • Spectrum 2015 Programming Languages

    New languages enter the scene, and big data makes its mark Spoiler: basically, all is the same as past year, but R made a jump up by 4 positions and ranks 6th now. R is a statistical language, capable of munging huge amounts of data, hence the Big Data reference in the article. via: Spectrum

  • Software Engineers Will Work One Day for English Majors

    “Many programmers find that their employability starts to decline at about age 35.” No Shit, Bloomberg: Software Engineers Will Work One Day for English Majors.