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  • AWS announces CloudFront Functions

    AWS announced general availability of “CloudFront Functions“. The product allows deploying lightweight functions on the edge of CloudFront’s CDN deployment, bringing logic close to the end user. After CloudFlare initiated a trend with their Workers, AWS is the third major cloud player to enter the space with this offering. The purpose of such an architecture…

  • Amazon CloudFront Edge Locations

    Amazon CloudFront Edge Locations: AWS’ Amazon CloudFront launches 5 new CloudFront Edge Locations. These are located in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Kenya, and Romania. AWS CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network and helps webpages to distribute their content globally. To achieve this, CDN’s leverage managed reverse proxy servers. The goal is to bring content closer to…

  • AWS CloudFront Monitoring Update

    AWS CloudFront Monitoring Update: AWS released an early & small Christmas Gift to their CloudFront Customers. CloudFront now supports eight more metrics to monitor content distribution. These include: Cache Hit Rate via HTTP POST and PUT requests, via the percentage of all cacheable requests for which CloudFront served the content from its cache, including errors…

  • On Latency

    Andrew Certain helps getting an understanding of percentile measurements and why it is important to look at certain things from specific perspectives. I found this useful.

  • Performance Calendar » Progressive jpegs: a new best practice

    Progressive jpegs: a new best practice. via Performance Calendar

  • SPDY und HTTP im Vergleich

    Guy Podjarny, Chief Product Architect bei Akamai Technologies, hat sich die Mühe gemacht SPDY in der wahren Welt zu evaluieren. Obwohl SPDY einige sinnvolle Ansätze verfolgt, scheinen die absoluten Erbenisse eher überschaubar zu sein. Die Ergebnisse seiner Untersuchungen hat Guy in seinem Blog “Guy’s Pod” zusammengefasst.

  • Try Redis instead

    Beschreibung, wie man Redis statt memcached in django verwendet. Try Redis instead /via unfoldthat.com.

  • ElastiCache – Memcached

    Amazon bietet jetzt auch Memcached als Service an. Das Produkt heisst Elasticache und ist über die AWS Console vefügbar.

  • Graphics Programming Black Book

    Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book bei DrDobbs Magazine zum Download. Ein Klassiker mit 3 Kilo.

  • Performance: CDN Support

    Für bessere Verfügbarkeit und Performance läuft das meisste von diesem Blog jetzt auf einem CDN…