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  • Google sponsors secure open source software

    Google has announced today a $1 million sponsorship for a new pilot program aimed at enhancing the security of critical open source software projects. Source: Google offers $1 million sponsorship to secure open source software – The Record by Recorded Future

  • cloud based CI/CD issues – travis-ci

    Travis-CI published a security bulletin the other day, describing a special condition that would allow to access secrets belonging to a foreign repository in Github or Bitbucket. The condition requires a fork from a public repository. That’s how open source work, and very central functionality. Not a corner case. Turns out, the cloud service did…

  • Kubernetes 1.17 released today – Open Source

    Today Kubernetes released it’s version 1.17. The software is one of the most popular open source projects ever. It allows managing containerised applications and micro-services.

  • CDU will Open Source

    Nachdem die SPD in München mit Limux vorerst gescheitert ist, will die CDU Open Source für Verwaltungsaufgaben fördern. Ausserdem soll Open Data von der Forderung “Public Money?, Public Code!” partizipieren. Die CDU nimmt damit eine Position der Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) ein. via Golem

  • Windows gets Linux kernel and terminal

    Windows gets Linux kernel and terminal

    So, with this announcement you’ll not be able to purchase a regular PC that doesn’t have some *nix on it. Somehow, it’s finally the year of Linux on the Desktop. That cold air you feel, that’s hell freezing over. Source: Windows 10 gets a legit Linux kernel and a souped-up terminal app

  • Corporate Open Source

    One concept that is under active discussion for the past decade or so but constantly being misunderstood. Open Source is often taken as a label for software downloaded from the internet, packages free of charge, components under a particular license filed under “Creative”. Often enough it’s misused for lower quality software, which reality has proven…

  • Visual Studio now open source

    Microsoft announced it will be open sourcing Visual Studio Code at it’s connect(); developer conference. Code is available over at github. Alongside, MSFT released a preview extension that will allow debugging Linux applications using GDB, too. Microsoft doubles down on cross-platform software development. A huge move forward. Quelle: Ars Technica

  • GnuPG funded.

    Since Werner Koch announced he’s running out ouf money yesterday, GnuPG collected 60k$ from the Linux Foundation, another 50k$ for the next year from each Facebook and Stripe, and a total of 150k$ from the community. Development should be safe for the next time. The news of the past days shows that security, while heavily…

  • GNU 30th anniversary – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation

    Happy 30th Birthday, GNU. GNU 30th anniversary – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation.

  • Memcached turns 10

    Memcached wird 10 Jahre alt. Schreibt Arstechnica – memcached turns 10 years old