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  • Cloud down.

    Forbes, and many other, report that GMail had an outage. Now I hear vast parts, in particular the security and privacy fraction, of the social bubble start crying “the cloud ain’t a solution”. Self-Hosting has sure benefits over managed offerings. This attitude ignores the fact that managed hosting, and multi-tenant (cloud-) applications in particular have…

  • Tech layoffs spread (a bit)

    Are January layoffs just a few post-WeWork jitters? TechCrunch has found itself writing about layoffs at a few notable tech companies this week — and not just Softbank-backed ones. The focus is very much profits, as Alex Wilhelm summed up on Thursday, especially after the failed WeWork IPO and subsequent valuation and headcount decimation. We’ll…

  • Google Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy’

    Google announced they built a 53 qubit quantum computer. A usecase Quantum computers are popular for is factorizing products of large prime numbers, making them interesting in the field of Cryptography. With 53 qubits, Google increased the possible performance by a factor via fortune.com

  • Net Defender CloudFlare Goes Down, Taking Many Websites With It

    The Internet was built with de-centralized infrastructures in mind. To scale globally, network providers like CloudFlare have emerged, to run decentralized infrastructures and offer them as a service. In general, keeping service independent of each others and maintaining heterogeneous networks have a proven track record of resilience, that is not necessarily inherent to the architecture…

  • google.io 2019

    News Coverage and liveblogs on Google I/O over on TechCrunch, The Verge and Engadget. Most noteworthy, Google released a new, more affordable Pixel 3a, updates to Google Assistant, put more emphasis on security upgrades. In other announcements, Nest Hub has been pronounced the new name for Google Home Hub, along with a bigger ‘Max’ edition…

  • #SAP Leadership Announcement

    Some huge changes to start the Weekend with at #SAP. As Executive Board Member and President of the Cloud Business Group Robert Enslin decided to step back from his role and pursue an external opportunity,  Jennifer Morgan will succeed him as president of the Cloud Business Group (CBG). Adaire Fox-Martin will assume the role of president…

  • Uploadfilter: Twitch nicht mehr in Europa

    Neulich so: “‘Artikel 13’ betrifft kaum Platformen und Nutzer, maximal 5%” Heute so: Vor einer Woche ist die umstrittene EU-Urheberrechtsreform verabschiedet worden. Als erste große Plattform deutet jetzt der Videostreamingdienst Twitch Uploadfilter und Source: Uploadfilter: Twitch erwägt Ausschluss von EU-Nutzern – Golem.de

  • `Keep Talkin’ Larry’: Amazon Is Close to Tossing Oracle Software – Bloomberg

    It’s a huge effort considering the scale of the project and the relevance of customer data for Amazon. Given their cloud business and it’s maturity – AWS is more than 10 years old by now and leading the pack – this move seems overdue. Amazon.com Inc. has taken another step toward eliminating software from Oracle…

  • Happy Birthday, Fefes Blog

    Das Blog, das, neben Don Alphonso, radikaler als ein Salafisten Forum ist, und allen Internet-Nerds Medienkompetenz vermittelt, wird heute 10 Jahre alt. Fefes Blog.

  • ‘Rules!’ Is the First Official Apple Watch Game

    You cannot even buy it yet, but there is a game! via ‘Rules!’ Is the First Official Apple Watch Game. And there is a unicorn!