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  • data breach in media culture.

    May the fourth be with you. Bisschen spät, aber den wollte ich mir für Montag aufheben. via pseudo nym.

  • Have a bad day in IT?

    Read this, then: This is exactly why people matter, knowledge is important, backups are essential and documentation key. Safety and Security are not exclusively about the bad guys. #monday

  • Wet Paint, looped

    Irgendwas ist ja immer. Man macht ja nur seine Arbeit. Immer wieder. Natürlich immer Montags.

  • Montag

  • Little Bobby enjoys moments like this.

    Little Bobby is a Sunday Morning Web Comic on Technology and Security.

  • Tesla explodes in Russia

    Monday morning. Apparently a Tesla exploded on a Russian highway after a crash. A Tesla vehicle involved in a collision burst into flames and exploded on a highway near Moscow last night, local media reported. The occupants were slightly injured, but the car is toast. Source: Tesla explodes after crash on Russian highway – TechCrunch

  • On Digitalised Product Management

    Now the family left me here for the afternoon, I have some time to exercise blogging and put down a few thoughts on my recent job. To write in a cosy environment, a lit the fireplace at the house we are staying in. The result is as favourable as you may imagine. Only the missing bear fur could…