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  • Akamai acquires Asavie

    With the acquisition of Asavie, Akamai strengthens it’s mobile, IoT, and security products and services. The company’s portfolio will merge into Akamai’s Security and Personalization Services product lines. The volume of the deal was not disclosed. Akamai’s press release is here. Darkreading has an announcement.

  • Nvidia to buy ARM for $40B

    nVidia has a blog post over the proceeding. Of course, not only for the sheer size of the deal at $40B, not only techcrunch but also The Verge report on how Nvidia is acquiring Arm for $40 billion. The impact and consequence of the deal is suspected to be huge. ARM’s market share in mobile…

  • Look, No Hands!

    Look, No Hands!

    Google’s Project Zero drops a hand full of Zero Day vulnerabilities for the iPhone at Black Hat 2019. Apparently one of them isn’t patched yet. Interaction-less Attack Surface in this context means, it’s wormable, executing code with no human interaction. Source: Look, No Hands! — The Remote, Interaction-less Attack Surface of the iPhone

  • Apple acquiring most of Intel’s smartphone modem business in $1B deal

    After Apple only recently announced to partner with Qualcom on 5G modems, Intel quickly decided to cease their efforts in that area. In that market situation, Apple likely landed a bargain on this deal. Apple has entered into a deal to acquire a majority of Intel’s modem business, TechCrunch has learned. The deal, valued at…

  • google.io 2019

    News Coverage and liveblogs on Google I/O over on TechCrunch, The Verge and Engadget. Most noteworthy, Google released a new, more affordable Pixel 3a, updates to Google Assistant, put more emphasis on security upgrades. In other announcements, Nest Hub has been pronounced the new name for Google Home Hub, along with a bigger ‘Max’ edition…

  • The Internet rules the Mobile World Congress.

    The Internet rules the Mobile World Congress. Writes Wired. Which is consequent, looking at the development of mobile technology and sales of devices. Slowing smartphone sales and metro strikes aren’t enough to get anyone down at the 16th annual Mobile World Congress. via: WIRED

  • Smartphones are the primary internet device in 2015.

    Coming from 15% in 2013, smartphones are the primary device to connect to the internet only two years later. 2015 that that went up to 33%. Laptop and Desktop lost significantly in the same period. https://twitter.com/benedictevans/status/629157862732738564

  • Android Botnet

    Newly Found Android Botnet Is Used in Multiple Spyware Campaigns

  • Die digitale SZ

    So ähnlich denke ich ja auch immer, wenn ich die Werbung(!) für die Süddeutsche Zeitung auf dem iPad sehe. Ich lese weiter auf Totholz.

  • Test fürs Geotagging

    Mit Foto und von mobil. Mal sehen wie das klappt… Update: Tatsächlich hat die iPhone App Geo-Koordinaten als Custom Fields dem Post angehängt.