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  • The North Star Playbook

    The North Star As a concept, the North Star principle gained a lot of attention in Product Management recently. Amplitude, a vendor of analytics tools, has a guideline to this concept. Their playbook walks product managers, those that want to enter the domain or even those just curious about methods and principles through the ideas. […]

  • Kanban Links und B├╝cher

    Public WWW: Wikipedia Kanban in der Wikipedia Deutschland Kanban in der IT in der Wikipedia Deutschland Kanban in der Englischen Wikipedia Artikel und Dokumente Kanban vs. Scrum (PDF) bzw. Kanban Minibook und als [amazon_link id=”0557138329″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Print[/amazon_link] Papers and Publications: IEEE Explore Digital Library: On the Impact of Kanban on Software Project Work: […]