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  • What if you shut your mouth?

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  • Cloud Exit.

    It may be I’m not blogging enough. There is an article on this blog where I was skeptical over the cloud and why companies would want to move there. Meanwhile, all the benefits have been proven by vendors, up to the point where the convenience became too expensive. At that point, KPMG started offering “Cloud…

  • Information – Time – Knowledge

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  • Mehr Projektmanagement Software

    Während Collabtive, dotProject, ProjectHQ, ProjectPier und TaskJuggler hier schon einmal erwähnt worden sind, beschreibt Geoff Cain in seinem Blog-Artikel noch 2 weitere Open Source Project Management Tools: Projectivity und Projectory Während Projectivity eine Java-Basierte Applikation ist, von der die entwickelnde Firma eine frei verfügbare “Community Edition” zum Download anbietet, ist Projectory offenbar komplett Community entwickelt,…