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  • Innovation makes things smaller

    Mobility is an increasingly complex matter to society.

  • Tiny, wireless, injectable chips

    “Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes“ Those who follow regularly will know that innovation is a popular topic in my notes. Innovation is the driver of technology and there are many great things yet to come, just waiting to be invented. But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, this announcement has the…

  • Innovationsdruck

    Gerade Technikfans kennen das Gefühl, auf die nächste Keynote eines Unternehmens zu warten, um zu erfahren, welche Neuerungen das Portfolio ergänzen werden. Autofreunde kennen seit jeher den Produktzyklus Ihres Lieblingsherstellers. Wir alle schauen bewundernd auf neue Produkte, erwarten regelmäßige Verbesserungen. Innovation nennt sich die ständige Verbesserung, die iterative Aufwertung des Portfolios. In einem Gespräch mit…

  • 168 AWS Services in 2 Minutes

    Forrest Brazeal took a deep breath and sang 168 AWS Services. In two minutes. I’m not sure what’s more impressive. Mentioning all those in a song or the fact AWS offers so many (and more) distinct services.

  • Food-Innovation

    Wer hat gesagt, dass schon alles erfunden ist, was zu erfinden ist? In Aschaffenburg ist jedenfalls ein längst überfälliger Remix auf den Teller gekommen.

  • Why Companies and Government Do “Innovation Theater”

    This article previously appeared in the Harvard Business Review. The type of disruption most companies and government agencies are facing is a once-in-every-few-centuries event. Disruption today is… Valid question… Source: Steve Blank Why Companies and Government Do “Innovation Theater” Instead of Actual Innovation

  • Boston Dynamics Athlete

    Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is now a gymnast, writes Engadget. As with earlier robotic innovations, this again is a performance beyond impressive.

  • Demo-Scene proposed as part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

    The Demoscene, which is born at the heart of the home computer revolution, has been showing how skills and creativity can be stimulated and implemented in a dynamic cultural practice adopted to digital contexts. Many of its techniques and mindsets became core techniques and influences of the digital change, and are still vibrant today.

  • 10 Munich-based startups

    As one of the top technology hubs in Europe, Munich is an economic powerhouse, hosting the presence of international corporations, strong VC support, top universities and of course, the Oktoberfest. Many startups choose to make the city their headquarters each year – and here are 10 of the most promising Munich-based to watch in 2019.…

  • 7 Powerful Talks To Make You a Better Product Manager

    A playlist of TED Talks for Product Managers. Great option for your Sunday evening.