• IEEE working to reconfigure Geo Regions

    Ever since IEEE has been organised into regions by geography. While at first thought the idea serves a global organisation well, the distribution has been questionable for the same period of time. For those readers not being members of IEEE: Region 1-6 are all located in the United States, whereas Region 7 and 9 are…

  • 2022 Top Technology Predictions | IEEE Computer Society

    The IEEE Computer Society’s 2022 Technology Predictions address 16 key technologies experts predict will have a major impact this year and beyond. Source: 2022 Top Technology Predictions | IEEE Computer Society

  • Prüfung nicht bestanden!

    Prüfung nicht bestanden! In einem Büro, in dem Elektroinstallation nicht vollkommen neu ist und trotzdem sehr ernst genommen wird. Selber musste ich über 40 werden um zu lernen, dass eine Steckdose eine Prüfung erfahren muss und in dieser auch durchfallen kann. Alles andere als alltäglich, und das obwohl ich sogar in der Licht– und damit…

  • Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Speaker Series

    Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Speaker Series

    Technical University Munich Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence launches a speaker series to bring experts from all over the world to Munich and talk about Ethics and Governance for Artificial Intelligence. The Series kicks off with an Inaugural Session with Lionel P. Robert on December 13 – 10:00 am – 11:30 am. With its…

  • Susan K. “Kathy” Land elected IEEE President

    Susan K. “Kathy” Land elected IEEE President

  • New Years Resolution

    New Years resolutions follow the same procedure as every year. It’s “write more” this year again. Things noteworthy today include my appointment to the IEEE R8 Committee, in particular to the “Action for Industry” committee. A similar position existed until two years back, when it was still called the “Industry Relations Subcommittee”. Outreach to industry…

  • Zigbee for #IoT

    Zigbee is a wireless protocol for applications not requiring lots of bandwidth, e.g. home automation, lighting or sensor networks. The idea is to create so called Personal Area Networks. The specification is standardized as IEEE 802.15.4. Dresden Electronic offers the Rasbee (Picture to the left) to get started with low budget Raspberry Pi Hardware.

  • IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference

    Register now for the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership conference (IEEE WIE-ILC). The conference is to be held 23-25 April 2015 in San Jose, California, USA. With a theme of Lead Beyond: Accelerating Innovative Women Who Change the World, the conference focuses on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.   via IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference.

  • Software Defined Networks

    For the most of my career I spent time configuring TCP stacks, IP ACLs, firewall rules and layer2 links. I worked with devices of multiple vendors, pulled together hubs, switches, routers and packet filters, used hardware and software tools to find why an application won’t connect to a remore peer. For the most time. Still,…

  • IEEE VLT 2014

    Having participated in the IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training (VLT) was a great experience. The program was comprised from more than 20 sessions, covering IEEE Bylaws, Publications, Affinity Groups, Educational Activities, MGA and other relevant topics. In a class with 32 graduates from 19 countries across all continents was a unique opportunity to make new friends!…