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    Gefummel. Aber immerhin läuft der Haushalt mit dem neuen Trockner wieder rund.

  • DIY Hardware Bitcoin Workshop

    DIY Hardware Bitcoin Workshop: Later this afternoon, Kim Neunert together with Stepan Snigirev of Cryptoadvance Inc. gave a workshop. Topic was to introduce the audience to building a DIY Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. In particular, the hands on workshop had a goal for the interested to get a DIY platform to work and create transactions of…

  • Microsoft is all in on Hardware

    thenextweb.com has a rundown of Surface Laptop, Surface Duo, Surface Earbuds, Neo and everything else Microsoft announced at their Surface event this week. Here’s a quick rundown of Microsoft’s exciting new hardware for the coming year, including Surface laptops, earbuds, a foldable phone, and more. Source: Surface Duo, Neo, and everything else at Microsoft’s packed…

  • Apple acquiring most of Intel’s smartphone modem business in $1B deal

    After Apple only recently announced to partner with Qualcom on 5G modems, Intel quickly decided to cease their efforts in that area. In that market situation, Apple likely landed a bargain on this deal. Apple has entered into a deal to acquire a majority of Intel’s modem business, TechCrunch has learned. The deal, valued at…

  • Facebook is working on an AI voice assistant similar to Alexa

    Facebook had a rough 2018 and 2019 didn’t really start too well either, when Instagram leaked passwords. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Alexa had it’s own scandal when it turned out that not machines but humans listened to their customers commands. With all of this combined, it doesn’t sound like a great idea to offer more surface for…

  • Change.

    Yesterday, a software engineer, also new to the organization, roughly told me the following. The way the organisation plans projects is so different to what he is used to as a software engineer. Planning projects with a horizon of 12 or even 24 months is something he says he just cannot wrap his head around.…

  • Zigbee for #IoT

    Zigbee is a wireless protocol for applications not requiring lots of bandwidth, e.g. home automation, lighting or sensor networks. The idea is to create so called Personal Area Networks. The specification is standardized as IEEE 802.15.4. Dresden Electronic offers the Rasbee (Picture to the left) to get started with low budget Raspberry Pi Hardware.

  • Raspberry Pi Zero at the price of Starbucks coffee

    Just ahead the announcement of NextThing Inc’s 9$ board. The Raspberry Zero will hit the stores at a price much north of 5$ though, given all the required cabling, shipping and, well, merchant margins. Still a nice step forward for those playing in the Internet of Things. The Raspberry Pi Zero is a tiny computer that costs…

  • Cloud Gaming

    Während der Rest der Welt noch über Cloud Computing nachdenkt, spricht Gamestar schon über Cloud Gaming: Klartext über Cloud Gaming – 10 Dinge, die Sie mit OnLive nicht mehr machen dürfen   via GameStar.de