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  • cloud based CI/CD issues – travis-ci

    Travis-CI published a security bulletin the other day, describing a special condition that would allow to access secrets belonging to a foreign repository in Github or Bitbucket. The condition requires a fork from a public repository. That’s how open source work, and very central functionality. Not a corner case. Turns out, the cloud service did…

  • GitHub’s Public Roadmap

    GitHub just started to publish a public Roadmap. Not even a login is required. Product People will appreciate, this is pretty huge commitment for an organization.

  • GitHub is now free for all teams

    Github is on a spree to get hold of the entire developer ecosystem. Offering the service for free to all teams, it’s difficult for any development team to ignore the Microsoft based platform. GitHub today announced that all of its core features are now available for free to all users, including those that are currently…

  • Github acquires npm

    The article mentions the benefit for developers and the ecosystem. I’d rather be curious to understand the drivers that led to the M&A decision on the buying side.

  • City Streets

    Draw all streets at once. Probably qualifies as generative art, which exists way too little in this blog. Even though the author has some roots in it.

  • Github acquires Semmle

    Github acquired Semmle, a service to scan code for vulnerabilities with a semantic code analysis engine. According to The Next Web, no financial details have been disclosed. Github Blog”Welcoming Semmle to Github“ The acquisition happened only one day after Github became a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)

  • GitHub Actions

    GitHub today released a CI/CD Tool, GitHub Actions. With the tight integration into development workflows and rich, community maintained build-command, actions appears an interesting competitor in the market. As a minimum, the release indicates the importance of CI/CD for the modern software development lifecycle. Developer productivity and frictionless workflows have been buzzwords for the past…

  • GitHub announces Package Registry

    GitHub announces Package Registry

    Your code. Your packages. One login. Meet GitHub Package Registry. https://github.co/2vSuFG2 From the announcement on LinkedIn The other day wrote this in their post on LinkedIn. Following the link takes one to the newly announced Github Package Registry, that allows developers to host releases for distribution. It’s currently in beta and supports npm, docker images,…

  • Infocom text adventure classics

    Not actually brand new, but given all of these are 30+ years old, it’s still worth mentioning that all Infocom Text Adventures are on Github now! Yes, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Zork are both included. Source: You can now download the source code for all Infocom text adventure classics | Ars Technica

  • Analysis of the GitHub DDoS.

    NETRESEC took a closer look at the long lasting DDoS attacks on github.com. One of the few instances of this type of attack that even made it to mainstream media. The article finds random web browsers from outside China are tricked into reloading two particular pages on github.com. Apparently, this happens by manipulating requests coming…