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    daily, 12.March 2020

  • New GCP Region in Seoul

    Our new GCP region in Seoul is officially open for business. Source: New GCP Region in Seoul | Google Cloud Blog

  • In eigener Sache: GCP, nginx & certbot

    Aus verschiedenen Gründen gab es die Notwendigkeit den Unterbau dieses Blogs anzufassen. Heute Vormittag wurde die docker-basierte Installation vom Admin der Seite abgelöst und in dem Zu zu einem anderen Anbieter umgezogen. Einer der Gründe war, dass es Probleme mit docker-machine, das nicht weiter in der Lage war, abgelaufene Certifikate auf dem Stack zu erneuern.…

  • Google Cloud Is Down

    Apparently Google was down the other day. Unfortunately, I was on a train in a really remote location and couldn’t verify what I picked up from Hacker News and tweeted. Meanwhile, there is a bit of broader coverage on Slashdot and The Verge, that hint at the size of the outage. Again, an outage like…

  • GCP can run untrusted workloads

    Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE) now supports node pools that are wrapped in gVisor to allow running untrusted workloads. The idea behind gVisors is to emulate all system calls in user space and provide a sandbox to processes that cannot be trusted. GKE allows to enable this with a configuration option now. New GKE Sandbox brings…

  • Predicting Stack Overflow Tags with Google’s Cloud AI

    Check out a cool project that leverages Stack Overflow Data and Google’s Cloud AI to predict what tags would work best on Stack Overflow questions. Source: Predicting Stack Overflow Tags with Google’s Cloud AI – Stack Overflow Blog