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  • Virtual Hollywood

    Only yesterday we ran a show with our Head of Experience Technology to discuss how knowledge work did and will evolve. Of course, most people in this industry only need to have their notebook with them, eventually a good WiFi Connection. Some of the procedures are difficult to comprehend for other industries, in particular those…

  • Google Workspace for shadow IT

    All of Google’s products have been designed to be easily accessible. That included Google Docs and the work app bundle that was GSuite. When G Suite became Google Workspace in 2020,as part of a mass reorganisation of the company’s apps for the “future of work”, the company also announced the end of a free edition.

  • 6 product management trends

    January is still the month to make predictions for the coming year. I covered a few articles of different areas in other blog posts before, and today its productboard to make predictions for 2022.

  • More Internet Technology Predictions

    More Internet Technology Predictions

    More Internet Technology Predictions. You’ll be surprised by one particular prediction, number 5 in the article.