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  • Tech’s strangest jobs of the future, recruited for today

    Tech’s strangest job listings: Straight from the “daily workplace automation destruction” protocol.com reports the future of job descriptions, as indicated by job postings today. Glimpsing the future in eye-opening tech job listings. The article found quite a few interesting job profiles that companies apparently look for today already: Facebook: People Research Scientist, Leadership Joby Aviation:…

  • Product Management Predictions

    Product Management Predictions: With January already over, it’s a bit late for annual forecasts. But then again, looking into the future is a secret superpower every Product Manager should look to develop. Therefore, it’s never too late to have an understanding of what comes up next. Mason Adair of Digital Product People did so for…

  • The Y2038 Problem

    The Y2038 problem is similar to the Y2K problem. We’re exactly in between both about now. Both are 18 years away, in either direction. While Y2K is over and was obvious to everyone, Y2038 is not. The issue here relates to a representation of date and time in Unix systems, and is therefore sometimes referred…

  • Paul Krugman on “the Internet’s impact’

    Paul Krugman on “the Internet’s impact’

    Prognosen sind schwierig, besonders wenn sie die Zukunft betreffen.