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  • Feature Value

    K2, over dinner: “I want to have a huge pile of wood in front of my window!” Me: “Why would you want to have a huge pile of wood in front of your window?” K2: “So everybody who needs some wood can take some!” He’s definitely going to be a Product Manager some day.

  • Off Facebook Activity

    Off Facebook Activity is a tool, that let’s Facebook users see which sites they used outside of Facebook. The tool is as creepy as you would think it would be. Facebook, through it’s like buttons and other embeds, has sheer unlimited insight into personal browsing behaviour. In an attempt by the company to create more…

  • Google introduced AR navigation.

    Apparently it’s not just a cool new feature but a controversial discussion.

  • Product Team FAQ

    Marty Cagan of the Silicon Valley Product Group published an article only yesterday, comparing Product and Feature Teams. Apparently, the article generated so much feedback that Marty found it worthwhile clarifying a few of his thoughts and collect the gist of the feedback he received. Every so often one of my articles seems to strike…