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  • 2022 on a sign

    After two years of pandemics and three months of war, this sign captures the feeling of the year. Can we all see 2019 once again? via @secevangelism on Twitter:

  • Fastly Global CDN Disruption

    Fastly is one of the major CDN vendors globally. As a regular consumer you wouldn’t be aware of their service, until a failure hits. Today the service faced a configuration issue, that apparently hit global pages like NYTimes and Bloomberg, but also Amazon, Reddit and Twitter, as reported in multiple sources. The issue is reported…

  • Sicherheitsalbtraum: Vernetzte Türklingeln 

    Vernetzte Türklingeln: Das Internet der Dinge liefert. Auch zu Weihnachten. Günstige digitale Videoklingeln weisen schwere Sicherheitslücken wie Authentifizierungsprobleme auf und werden teils schon mit Softwarefehlern geliefert. Aus dem heise.de Artikel.

  • Post Mortem

    Remember when the Cloud was off earlier this month? Google published a post mortem article and root cause analysis on their Cloud Status Blog.

  • The cloud is off.

    Google is down. That feels like the Internet is off. That is what was missing to make the year 2020 feel complete.

  • AWS hit by major DDoS attack

    DDoS is an annoyance not even the biggest Cloud is safe from. Apparently AWS’s Route 53 was affected and failed to resolve multiple DNS names over several hours. Parts of AWS were taken offline for hours Source: TechRadar. The newspage also has a reference of 2019’s best DDoS Protection.

  • Give us your password

    Give us your password and we tell you how strong it is. Yes. Really.

  • The cloud runs on power, too.

    However, power failed in a data center in Gutersloh, Germany, this afternoon, bringing down several popular German websites.

  • When a Project dies

    When is a project dead? One question that somebody asked me a few days back keeps me thinking for a while now. Mostly, because it should not have a clear answer. Have you ever had to ask yourself, what to do when your heart-project is at risk to come to an end? A project that…

  • We need banks to fail.

    Financial Cryptography: We need banks to fail. What other language speaks?.