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  • Patents are for the weak

    Jay Leno visited SpaceX to interview Elon Musk. The quick trailer on Jay Lenos Twitter channel shows them debating Raptor Engines, used in SpaceX’s rockets. In the converation, Elon Musk takes a hot take on patents. He claims the company ain’t using the mechanism, that won’t help progressing anywhere. His take is patents are meant…

  • Musk puts Twitter-Acquisition on hold.

    Elon musk announced – on Twitter – the deal is put on hold. The entire story becomes an endless drama, keeping the company in the news and investors on distance. The entire acquisition plan didn’t make economic sense for the Tesla and SpaceX founder in first place, now the hold is a disaster for the…

  • SpaceX Starlink Ruins Astronomical Observation

    Starlink will make Stargazing more difficult in the near future. via Forbes.

  • SpaceX tested a Mars Lander

    Elon Musk’s SpaceX built a Mars lander and put it to test. During it’s first flight, Starhopper launched to reach 150m height and land again 100m away.