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  • AI rant

    mataroa.blog is ranting about everything that is wrong with AI today. The article clusters into five major arguments: the believe in how LLMs will realise efficiencies, the need to remain competitive, previous successes, preparation for the future, and finally everybody else. All nicely summarised and on point.

  • Corporate Open Source

    One concept that is under active discussion for the past decade or so but constantly being misunderstood. Open Source is often taken as a label for software downloaded from the internet, packages free of charge, components under a particular license filed under “Creative”. Often enough it’s misused for lower quality software, which reality has proven…

  • eMail. Still.

    Year 2015. Still eMail is the predominant means of communication. Everybody hates it, most companies make an effort to ban it. Atos wanted to go email free, Telekom shuts off their servers, Daimler even deletes email for people on vacation. Even I receive emails, saying “I need this, but I cannot answer”, quoting the “email…

  • Efficiency

    Andreas Neumeier – Google+.