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  • SoundCloud raises $75 million

    SoundCloud raises $75 million: Berlin founded Soundcloud raises another financing round. The company has a press release on the investment. TechCrunch has more: SiriusXM invests $75 million in SoundCloud to beef up product development and enhance services. Source: SoundCloud Gets $75M Investment From SiriusXM To Bring Its Funding To Over $500M

  • More Female Founders

    Not only more Female Founders, but also more successful Female Founders, measured by unicorns, have entered the startup universe. Those are companies that passed the $1 billion in valuation. Crunchbase, the leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, has the data: Crunchbase data shows what ‘overperforming’ really means: 2019 has been a historic year…

  • User Onboarding the Right Way

    User Onboarding the Right Way

    For a Product Manager, User Experience is a huge topic that draws a lot of thought and energy. Crunchbase today sent me this in their newsletter, discussing an aspect that is often underestimated. While the example seems odd, it has a good point, countering other guidance to raise customer engagement. For people that remember Ok…